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Getting Started with React Native

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    With the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones, developers are looking into solutions for building mobile applications. For developers with a web background, frameworks such as Cordova and Ionic, React Native, NativeScript, and Flutter allow us to create mobile apps with languages we’re already familiar with: HTML, XML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    In this guide, this first in a series, we’ll take a closer look at React Native, and get you up and running with the basics. It contains:

    • Getting Started with React Native by Wern Ancheta
    • State Management in React Native by Akshay Kadam
    • Ten React Native Production Tips by Mehul Mohan
    • Best Practices when Using React Native in a Team Environment by Daniel Schmidt

    This guide assumes familiarity with JavaScript. If you already know React, that’s great, but you won’t need it to read this book.

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