Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong!

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If you think you're using all that CSS has to offer, you're WRONG.

About the book

This book is an eye-opening exposé on CSS as we know it today. You’ll discover a fresh approach to coding Cascading Style Sheets, where old hacks and workarounds are just a distant memory. Learn how to start taking full advantage of the very latest CSS techniques while still catering for older browsers, and discover what’s put the final nail in the HTML table-based layout coffin. CSS was conceived in an age when web-site design was simple; its creators never anticipated the intricacy of designs that it would be asked to deliver today. Clever designers figured out ways to make CSS do what they needed, but by using techniques so convoluted it became unpredictable and difficult to master. CSS just became too hard… The good news is, that’s all about to change, and this book will show you how!