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Ethereum: Tools & Skills

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    As the Ethereum platform has grown, so has the ecosystem of tools that support it. In this book, we’ll examine some of the most popular Ethereum tools, and walk you through how to use them when building your own Ethereum-based apps. It contains:

    • Remix: Develop Smart Contracts for the Ethereum Blockchain by Ahmed Bouchefra
    • An Introduction to Geth and Running Ethereum Nodes by Mislav Javor
    • Introducing Mist, a Human-friendly Geth Interface by Mislav Javor
    • Introducing Truffle, a Blockchain Smart Contract Suite by Mislav Javor
    • Quality Solidity Code with OpenZeppelin and Friends by Tonino Jankov
    • Truffle: Testing Smart Contracts by Mislav Javor
    • Truffle Migrations Explained by Mislav Javor
    • Flattening Contracts and Debugging with Remix by Ahmed Bouchefra
    • Debugging with Truffle CLI by Mislav Javor
    • Using Puppeth, the Ethereum Private Network Manager by Bruno Škvorc

    This book is for anyone interested in using the Ethereum platform for development. It’s advised that you read The Developer’s Guide to Ethereum before reading this book if you are not familiar with blockchain technology.

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