Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes

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Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes

Published August 2010

Create versatile WordPress themes that really sell!

WordPress is a big business: top theme designers earn a passive income of $10–25K per month! If you’d like to grab your own slice of that cake, this book is for you. More than that, we’ll also show you how to build dynamic, robust sites that are easy to update for your clients… all at a fraction of the cost of an enterprise CMS. We’ll simplify your life as a developer by introducing you to the Thematic framework, so that building solid themes is a breeze. You’ll also learn how to maximize profits by effectively marketing and selling your themes on the Web’s biggest marketplaces.

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

  • Simplify your life as a developer with the Thematic framework, which makes building solid themes a breeze
  • Maximize profits by effectively marketing and selling your themes on the Web’s biggest marketplaces
  • Learn to use design elements effectively to create amazing themes
  • Create color variants and custom widgets
  • PDF, EPUB, MOBI 217 pg
Meet your author
Allan Cole

Thematic framework guru specializing in front-end user experience and WordPress customization.

Meet your author
Raena Jackson Armitage

Raena Jackson Armitage is an Australian web developer with a background in content management, Public Speaking, and training.

Meet your author
Brandon R Jones

Brandon is a WordPress designer based in Southern California. You can check out his WordPress themes and other freebies at his website

Meet your author
Jeffrey Way

Jeffrey Way manages CodeCanyon, an online code marketplace, and Nettuts, a popular web development tutorial site. He also ran the biggest online marketplace for buying and selling WordPress themes--Theme Forest--for 2 years.


  1. Introducing WordPress
  2. Planning Your Theme
  3. Theme Design 101
  4. Theme Frameworks
  5. Advanced Theme Construction
  6. Widgets
  7. Theme Options
  8. Selling Your Theme

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