Beginning Rust Programming

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Beginning Rust Programming

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    In Beginning Rust Programming, accomplished programmer and author Ric Messier delivers a highly practical, real-world guide to coding with Rust. Avoiding dry, theoretical content and “Hello, world”-type tutorials of questionable utility, the book dives immediately into functional Rust programming that takes advantage of the language’s blazing speed and memory efficiency.

    Designed from the ground up to give you a running start to using the multiparadigm system programming language, this book will teach you to:

    • Solve real-world computer science problems of practical importance
    • Use Rust’s rich type system and ownership model to guarantee memory-safety and thread-safety
    • Integrate Rust with other programming languages and use it for embedded devices

    Perfect for programmers with some experience in other languages, like C or C++, Beginning Rust Programming is also a great pick for students new to programming and seeking a user-friendly and robust language with which to start their coding career.