A Practical Guide to Caching with Django

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A Practical Guide to Caching with Django

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    In this practical guide to caching, we’re going to survey the theory of data caching. We’ll look at the following topics:

    • what data caching is
    • when your application will benefit from caching
    • when caching is not advisable
    • the components of a caching system
    • basic caching theory
    • cache invalidation and cache algorithms
    • handling concurrency in data caches
    • HTTP caches
    • caching static web resources
    • advanced caching systems such as Memcached and Redis

    All of this theory is buttressed with some practical Django examples:

    • using Django’s built-in cache facility
    • implementing client-side caching with Django
    • integrating Django and Memcached

    This guide should provide you with a solid understanding of caching and enable you to effectively implement caching in your application.

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