Podling – NEW Product From SitePoint…

Mark Harbottle
Mark Harbottle

Introducing Podling – “Social Glue For Teams”.

Podling is a simple decentralized discussion platform we built for ourselves and have been using internally at SitePoint, Flippa and 99designs for a few months now… We thought we’d open it up and get your feedback. We’d love you to hear from you once inside.

Podling Screenshot 1

So, what is Podling?

Podling is designed to take group (or team) based discussion out of your inbox and give it a home. The idea is you can quickly and easily set up small “throw-away” discussion groups (called pods) and each pod is private to the people you invite to it.

For example at SitePoint we have pods for project teams, pods for events, developer pods, marketing pods, customer service pods, social pods, and so on… And those are just the pods we know about.

Podling in Action

Take control of your discussions

The great thing about Podling is it’s not a central company social page controlled by your sys admin like “other” platforms. You control the pods you start. You can start or leave pods at any time. So everyone’s interface to Podling will be unique to them. Power to the people!

Managing your pods

Grab the IOS App

We also created an iOS app which you can download from the App store on iTunes which is handy if you’re involved in multiple pods.

You can get started at http://podling.com

We’d love to hear your thoughts via the “Podling Feedback” pod which you will automatically get access to when you join.