By Thomas Rutter

PHP – Now Available For Your Wall

By Thomas Rutter

Back in February when I blogged about quick references available for PHP, SitePoint’s PHP Quick Reference Poster was only a twinkle in our collective eyes.

So I’m happy now to be able to say that that poster is now a reality, and available from our online store.

The poster’s got lots of the sort of information that I need to look up frequently when I’m deep in PHP code. Regardless of how advanced the code I’m working on is, it’s the little things that I find myself looking up over and over. For example, when working recently on a scheduling application, I found myself referencing the date function page in my handy Extended CHM PHP manual all the time. If I had a multiple monitor setup I could have had that page open on my second monitor, but I was wishing that the poster was done!

Sure enough, the poster’s done now and the date formatting information is on there:

It’s nice and easy to read on the big glossy A2 (16.5″ x 23″) poster itself.

The poster’s also got syntax, descriptions and a couple of examples for array functions, string functions, mysqli, error reporting, file functions, simpleXML, and a regular expression syntax reference.

The poster is $9.95 on its own, but it’s also available as a free giveaway with SitePoint’s new book No Nonsense XML Web Development With PHP which I’ve been working so hard on promoting in the past couple of days. The book is definitely going to be of interest to those of you who want some information on using PHP 5.0’s XML processing features. Complete information about that book is available over there.

Now I just need to find a wall to stick the poster on…

  • velocd

    mmm, just bought that book and I’ll be sticking the poster on one of my office walls.. probably near my Java coworker as he needs to brush up on his PHP, mucho.

    Though physical references (i.e. paper) for programming is prehistoric to me, it’s more of another authentic SP collective piece for my office. :)

    Happy selling!

  • DA Master

    Great stuff, might have to buy this.

  • Great idea, a must have!

  • Since when did the SP blogs become a pimping ground for all of SP’s financial endeavours. I’d rather read informative information on the PHP community than this. If I wanted to view information about the poster or books, I’d have clicked the unmissable advertisemenets you have everywhere :)

  • hdsol

    We can all take a lesson from sitepoint and thier marketing ideas. They got all of us to look at this. Most, including me, will buy

  • tribui

    How about making a black and white PDF version of the same size for us who just need a plain paper version in our little cublicles available for free??

  • I wish I had the money that I blew on candy and soda today I’d be over half way to getting that. Oh well, maybe later. :)

  • Etnu

    I don’t really see the point. It’s nice and all, but you can look up any function by going to{function name}

  • Tim

    I’d love to see a (cheaper) PDF version, so I can print it myself, any chance that’ll be happening?

  • Etnu, this poster is particularly useful for those times when you can’t remember the function name.

  • Etnu

    How is looking at a giant poster more useful than searching for it on google?

    I guess it’s great for programmers who still haven’t embraced the whole internet thing.

  • jturmel

    Quick reference in clear legible font is easier than tabbing to your browser, going to PHP Reference, searching it and then it coming up… you can look over (half a second) browse (your eyes) to the one you’re looking for and there it is…


  • I’ve been waiting for this poster to be printed for months now. Even though I have 2 screens here, the poster is a much faster reference work.

  • wogboy

    Here is something similar:

  • wogboy
  • The book is definitely going to be of interest to those of you who want some information on using PHP 5.0’s XML processing features

    Oh Drat. I’m already behind. Time to hit up Rasmus (auth of PHP) to see what’s going on.

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