Paul Boag Introduces How to Build a Successful Web Design Business

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While escaping your ‘evil’ boss and starting your own web design business may sound like a dream, in reality it can be a lot of hard work!

Here Paul Boag, world renowned web designer, speaker, pod-caster and author, introduces his new 12-part video course, in which he  shares his expert advice, top hints and tips, gained through over 10 years in the web development and design business.

Enjoy … and if you’re interested to see more you can:

Build a Successful Web Design Business, part 1: Selling Your Services from SitePoint on Vimeo.

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Mick is a digital sales architect with over 13 years experience on the web. He helps businesses, clients and start-ups - plan, action and measure their digital sales success. Including getting hands-on with Google AdWords, conversion rate optimization, retargeting and email marketing.

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