Now It’s Your Turn: Win an iPad 2 With The Cicada Project

Alex Walker

Two weeks ago we showed you a way to use clever numbers to make practically endless tiling backgrounds. The article got an astonishing response: 2500+ retweets, 2500+ Facebook likes, and 240+ comments. Haven’t seen the article? Check out the Cidada Principle.

So what is this ‘Cicada Project’ you ask? And what does it have in common with the above iPad 2?

Well, following the interest and response we decided to not only see what awesome tiling combinations for organic backgrounds the DesignFestival and Design View newsletter readership can come up — the most popular of which will get featured for the DesignFestival website — but to sweaten the deal with the chance to win an iPad 2! Yup, we have talked the boss into giving a beautiful iPad 2 to the author of the best submission.

The Details

All nice and simple:

  1. Having read the tutorial from the Cidada Principle article, head over to the Cicada Project page here on DesignFestival
  2. Using your favorite graphics editor create your own set of interlocking cicada tiles (maximum of eight)
  3. Sign in using Twitter
  4. Test the results live here on DesignFestival, on the Cicada Project page
  5. When done, finish up and your submission will be reviewed by us, and then published!
  6. Competitions ends May 25th

We’re all looking forward to seeing your submissions.