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Linkalicious Friday: HTML5 Zeitgeist, New PHP, and AWS Goodies

    Louis Simoneau

    Our December sale is in its second week and going strong, so it’s been a busy one here at SitePoint. It’s also been busy on the rest of the Web:

    • Google has just released its end-of-year search zeitgeist: a summary of the most searched terms, as well as the newest and fastest-rising terms from throughout 2010. This year, Google has added some nifty HTML5 visualizations of popular search terms, so it’s worth checking out just for the geeky wow factor.
    • PHP 5.3.4 was released today. It’s a maintenance release focused on bug fixes, so there’s nothing terribly exciting in the changelog (unless you’ve been grappling with one of those bugs!). Nonetheless, it’s good news for PHP devs everywhere.
    • Tons of news from Amazon Web Services this week: they’ve released SDKs for both Android and iOS, added free basic Cloudwatch monitoring to all EC2 instances, and launched a new service: Route 53, a programmable domain name service. So for those of you who develop with AWS, you have quite a few new toys to play with!

    That’s all for this week. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!