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Have you explored HTML5 and are now ready to learn about the look and feel aspects of web design? Then you are going to need a little CSS3 magic to make that happen! We are talking colors, buttons, shadows and gradients, all the fancy things to make your website come to life.

Between SitePoint and Learnable, we are building a growing library where you can get the web skills you want and need all in one place.

Getting Started Courses

If you are just starting out or feel like you need a refresher of the basics; these Learnable premium courses are built just for you:

HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World with Louis Lazaris “Start building future-proof websites that are faster, more powerful, and easier to maintain.”

Learn CSS3 with John Allsopp “You won’t even realize how much you’ve learned by the time you’re done.”

Getting Started with CSS with Russ Weakley “No previous knowledge of CSS is required”

Jump Start CSS by Louis Lazaris “Your flying start into the visual and vibrant world of CSS”

Practical CSS with Russ Weakley “Learn to build CSS layouts from scratch!”

Key Concept CSS3 Tutorials

Are you looking for a few free online tutorials that cover a specific topic instead? Here are our standout CSS3 tutorials from the experts at SitePoint.com:

CSS3 Animations 101: What are Animations? by Craig Buckler “The benefits for CSS3 animations are the same as transitions: they’re easy to create and fast complex effects are handled by the browser — not your code.”

How to Build a Better Button in CSS3 by Craig Buckler “Let’s build a better button using CSS3 styles, animations and transformations”

CSS3 Transitions 101: What are Transitions? by Craig Buckler “Transitions are the most-used type of CSS3 animation.”

Building an Interactive Navigation Bar by Laura Athanasiou “A straightforward navigation structure can increase the usability of your site, and make information easy to find.”

Trending Topics

And for those who are ready to dive deeper into cutting edge trends and take your skills to the next level:

An Introduction to Bootstrap with Killersites (KillerSites.com) “Use Bootstrap to build responsive, Platform-agnostic websites in no time.”

Twitter Bootstrap Tutorial – Handling Complex Designs By Syed Fazle Rahman “Much has been said and written about Twitter Bootstrap these days in the world of web designing and development. Whatever it may be, it does things easier and faster.”

Launch into LESS with Killersites (KillerSites.com) “Speed up your CSS development with LESS”

Modernizr: front-end development done right with Ryan Seddon “New web technologies are fun… until you have to support old browsers. Modernizr can help”

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