Introducing Kevin Yank’s JavaScript Live

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We’ve done articles, blogs, books, kits, and videos, and now we’ve decided to bring the best parts of them all together … I’m proud to introduce:

Kevin Yank’s JavaScript Live

So, what is it? I’m glad you asked.

Kevin Yank’s JavaScript LIVE is a fun and exciting way to finally master JavaScript. For 21 days, you’ll journey through the JavaScript landscape with some of the best JavaScript programmers on the planet to hold your hand. Oh yeah, and Kev too :).

But that’s not the best part …
Kevin Yank's JavaScript Live
As each day of the program rolls over, Kevin will unveil a new piece of the JavaScript puzzle. You’ll work through a combination of book-quality written material, videos, downloadable content, and mini assignments. You’ll also have access to a (spam-free) private forum to ask questions and socialize with your fellow students.

But that’s not the best part either …

I promise that at the end of this JavaScriptology* you’ll confidently proclaim: I now know JavaScript. So much so, if you don’t like what JavaScript LIVE has to offer, I’ll refund your money – no questions asked.

Keep reading …

Now you might think “21 days straight … I can’t afford that sort of dedication to learn JavaScript.” That’s cool. When you join, you can choose to follow the live group every day, or go at your own pace. Each Friday, there’s a live Q&A session, and you also have the weekend to catch up if you do find yourself falling behind.

Yeah, that’s cool—but I can do better …

So what’s the best part? You see, this type of product is new for us, and seeing as it’s our first time, we’re offering this course at a fraction of what you might expect to pay.

You can participate in Kevin Yank’s JavaScript Live for only $9.95!

That’s 75% cheaper than our JavaScript books, and your chances of finally mastering JavaScript with live help, video, worksheets, and peer support are so much better.

Now that’s the best part!

So if you’ve been thinking you’d like to master a new skill, or perhaps you’ve given JavaScript a go and struggled with it in the past, but would like to give it another shot … sign up to Kevin Yank’s JavaScript Live today!

*I threw in JavaScriptology as that’s what I wanted to call it—but no one thought it was cool enough. :)

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