How You’re Doing in the GeekGames

The GeekGames are well underway, and like the events in London, the competition is fierce!

GeekGames-leaderboardYou’ve joined in your droves, and from all corners of the world, including (to name just a few):

  • The Indian Ocean island of Mauritius
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Latvia
  • Namibia
    … and the United States, Great Britain, Australia and many other countries too.

The level of skills displayed on Mouse-Questrian, Spam-Shoot and Pong-Long, is plain-to-see when you glance at the amazing scores achieved on the leaderboard.


And this hasn’t come about without some serious commitment and determination too … we’ve just sneaked a look in the admin area at the number of ‘plays’ each of you have had, and for some it’s well into the hundreds!

On Tuesday you grabbed the freebie SitePoint beginner ebook and Learnable course in your thousands. We’re planning another one for next week, so keep an eye on your inboxes!


Good luck for the remainder of the GeekGames:

Make sure you also grab your ‘Data Nerd’ t-shirt from New Relic (with their free trial offer) and invite your friends to join in the GeekGames!