FullCodePress: Your Country Needs You!

The FullCodePress team are at it again.

This year, the build-a-website-in-a-day geek Olympics is happening in Wellington, New Zealand (read coverage of previous events on SitePoint). However, this time there’s a twist:

The USA is sending The Dream Team.


That’s right — this time around, Team USA is joining the contest, and by the looks of things, they’re serious contenders. Jason Santa Maria is just one of the names on the USA FullCodePress team that regular readers of this blog might recognize. Jason is a designer who has been blogging about design and making beautiful things on the web for a number of years. He’s been involved in sites like Typedia, Typekit and A List Apart.


Australia and New Zealand, it’s time to step up. Your country needs you!

The FullCodePress organizers are on the hunt for the best designers, user experience advocates, HTML/CSS coders, back-end developers, project managers and content writers/editors that Australia and New Zealand have to offer, to participate in FullCodePress 2010. From the FullCodePress site:

For those who do not know the details, three teams (Australia, NZ, USA) meet at a single location and are given a non-profit website to build in 24 hours. At the end of the 24 hour period, the sites are judged and a winner announced. An amazing experience and a worthy cause!

You can apply for any of these positions here (registration closes May 4th, 2010):

Selected team members for Team Australia will be flown to New Zealand to compete on the 19th and 20th of June, all expenses paid.

Think you have what it takes? What are you waiting for? Go sign up now!