By Matthew Magain

FullCodePress: And The Winner Is …

By Matthew Magain

At the WebForward conference this afternoon, the winners of the second FullCodePress event were announced.

After 24 hours of intense requirements gathering, designing, content writing, coding, testing and stressing, the CodeBlacks from New Zealand came out triumphant, retaining the title of reigning champions. The winning web site was built for Rainbow Youth, a support group for queer youth in New Zealand.

The victory is a blow to Team Australia, who were looking to exact revenge after also being defeated in 2007. One upside for the Aussies is that the Australian team’s client, the DDLC NSW, were able to take away a site that they were delighted with and excited about using to achieve their goals of helping disabled people who have been unfairly disadvantaged.

During his victory speech, Haydn Thomsen, project manager for the CodeBlacks, commented that he was “blown away” with the web site that was delivered after only 24 hours.

Organising judge Raena Jackson Armitage, from SitePoint, commented that the scoring was very close, but that the Kiwis pipped the Aussies at the post in the area of standards, partly due to a couple of sloppy validation errors.

The final sites are available for viewing online, and handover will occur after both teams have caught up on sleep!

Well done to both teams!

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  • Great sites. One issue with the Aussies’ that might want to be fixed before implementing: the shortcut alt + "key" doesn’t work properly. I found that shift + alt + "key" however does work.

    Not a big deal for web experts, but for the average-joe, they may want to update the site info page with the correct shortcut.

    Great sites, my hat goes off to both teams for their 24 hour sites!

  • cheekymaori

    fantastic news … congrats to CodeBlacks … I knew you could do it! :)

  • Susan

    Really enjoyed the entire series of postings, even though was routing for the Aussies. Am a Russ Weakley fan.

  • Nice work – think I would have voted for the Aussies, but find it ironic that for a site dedicated to the disabled, the link rollover color edbe00 on white background does not pass the WCAG contrast test. Still – great work both teams!

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