Flash Script – Fire Effect Article

By Georgina Laidlaw

How can you create a great fire effect? Like this!

1. First, create a radial gradient circle object as shown below.


2. Convert this to a graphic object, and name it ‘flame’.

3. Again convert this graphic object — this time, to a movie clip. Give this movie clip a instance name of ‘fl’.

4. Now, go into the timeline of the movie clip fl. Shrink the size of flame graphic object as shown below.


5. Extend 4 frames and place a key frame in the fourth frame.

6. Now, scale the flame object as shown below. In the ‘effect’ palletes, I changed the tint color to yellow, and got this:


7. From the fourth key frame, extend the frame by another 24 frames, and place a key frame at that point.

8. In this frame, I moved the flame object vertically upwards by 150 pixels.

I also scaled the flame object to a very small size, changed the tint color to red, and decreased the alpha to 23%. I also gave motion tweening to the frames.

9. Now, go back to the main timeline. Extend it by 3 frames.

10. Create a new layer above the current layer, and name it actions. Create three blank key frames.

11. In the first key frame, insert the action:

i = 0;
setProperty ("fl", _visible, 0);
xx = getProperty("fl",_x);
19.In the second key frame give action:
if(i < 35)
duplicateMovieClip ("/fl", "fl" add i, i);
setProperty ( "fl" add i, _alpha,i*8);
setProperty ( "fl" add i, _x,random(3) + xx);
i = i + 1;

12. In the third key frame, insert this action:

gotoAndPlay (2);

You’re done! Test the movie.

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