Flash Script - Fire Effect

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I can’t download the file. it says that the file doesn’t excist.

I can’t download the file. it says that the file doesn’t excist."

doesn’t work on MX 2004 pro ?

right click on the download link and select save target

no really, the file doesn’t work

also, it says there is an error in line four of the first keyframes code. " Scene=Scene 1, Layer=actions, Frame=1: Line 4: ‘;’ expected
In the second key frame give action;"

“doesn’t work on flash MX either”

Very nice effect!

I’m trying this tutorial and would love to know how to recreate. Link didn’t work so I tried to right click/save as - still didn’t work.

Very clever! Nice looking too. Thx

great idea ! but cud’nt get it work !!

i tried to down load the sample file but it says…the file dosen’t exists…

//put this code in first frame…
i = 0;
setProperty (“fl”, _visible, 0);
xx = getProperty(“fl”,_x);
//and the below code in second frame…
if(i < 35)
duplicateMovieClip (“/fl”, “fl” add i, i);
setProperty ( “fl” add i, _alpha,i*8);
setProperty ( “fl” add i, _x,random(3) + xx);
i = i + 1;

I tried this in Flash MX and I get the following error message - what do I need to change?

Scene=Scene 1, Layer=Actions, Frame=1: Line 4: ‘;’ expected
19.In the second key frame give action:

It’s close but doesn’t look like a flame yet. - Newbie

very good ,thank you !

I would like to know how this can be made to work in Flash MX-2004. I have spent about five hours now, I have tried every possible thing I could think of to make this work. I can reproduce the blur. And the tween rendering, while it works ok for the first few seconds, it begins to overwrite itself from the front. The problem is mostly, it is beyond me, how or why this should work at all. The only way you can debug something, is if you can understand what it is supposed to be doing, how it is supposed to work. Well, this is totally esoteric so far. After five hours, I find out I knew less about Flash, than I did entering in. I am not happy.

to work on mx 2004, delete the 3 first frames on movie clip(the ones without teen) and add the action : setProperty (this,_alpha,27); on the first keyframe (that now is also the first frame on the movie clip)

hey that looks great but I tried to make miltiple flames (like candles on a alter) but only the one works, it there way to make multiple flames on one document?

you can always try to use multiple layers