Flash Script - Fire Effect

how do i chage the tint!?!?!? i cant find any of the effects palletes!

there are effect palettes in flash mx?? u sure they’re not 3rd party plugins ur mentioning?

well, I didn’t use an ‘effects’ palette, I just used the color mixer palette to change the color of the graphic (I had to double click and open teh graphic)

didn’t really look like fire the first time, but play with it :slight_smile:


for some reason im only getting the single circle moving up…any way to troubleshoot this?


I have a little problem with this script. The result says:
‘)’ or ‘,’ expected. Where? I try to put everywhere bu nothing changes.
I guess it is a comment in line 4th, but after when I make it comment ‘//’
line 6th and 7th expected those thigs above.
So what should i Do?

I tried to follow the instruction and do it myself but im only only getting the single circle moving up…any tips on how to get it working? thanks

I guess it’s compatibility issues with Flash 7 and up.

Actually, you need to also name the instance “fl” … as soon as you do this the script works.

You must change in the 2nd keyframe the code: << “fl” add i >> to <<“fl”+i.toString()>> and where is “/fl” just type “fl”.
This works in Flash MX 2004

Wow. how old is this thing for it to have been written with old Flash 4 syntax?

i still can’t get this working on flash8. it seems to only create the one instance of the movie clip.

I can’t get it to work in Flash MX 2004. It only makes 1 “flame” so it just looks like a rising circle.

it’s OLD. forget about it. There are cooler fire effects out there anyway.

I got it working in flash 8. I had to rename the fl clip to fl_mc and enable it using “linkage”. Then i changed to code to the following. Goodluck!

if(i < 35 )
fl_mc.duplicateMovieClip( “fl”+i+“_mc”, i, fl_mc )
//setProperty ( “fl”+i.toString(), _alpha,i8);
eval(“fl”+i+“_mc”)._x = random(3)+xx
eval(“fl”+i+“_mc”)._alpha = i
i = i + 1;

Papervision3D has a setting that allows you to create a fire effect. It’s really cool. I have a sample on my blog. Flash Developer Blog

If there are cooler fire effects as you say wouldnt you mind to link them for us … or tell us were to look them up … cause i am searching for a better fire tutorial on flash there are not many site’s about this type of stuff.

Paste it please … i hope you will.


Here is ONE: http://www.kaourantin.net/2005/08/little-old-school-fire-effect-using.html

I suggest using Google and searching for your own better examples.

I’ll try to make the same flame as here above, but the only thing that I get is a motion tween of a yello circle goes up to a red small circle, I didn’t get the flame, can you help please!!!