Zoom and Click Image

I am more of an HTML / PHP and CSS person, but I have a requirement which will need javascript, rather than reinvent the wheel I have been looking for a tool which does the following:

  1. Display an image in an img element
  2. Allow the image to be zoomed in and out and scrolled in the same img element.
  3. Returns the co-ordinates of a double click converted to the position on the original image, so I can jump to a page for that area of the image.

I have done a search on the web and found

Which covers item 1 and 2, and works well on Firefox, but is very jerky on IE, and does not cover item 3.

Is there another tool which works in a similar way? if not does any one know why the moozoom is jerky in IE?

Thanks so much for your advice.


Thank you for your reply, I will take a look.

Magic Zoom is the original tool for doing image zoom. Co-ordinate output was added in version 2.0. Magic Zoom is now in version 3.1. Here are some examples.

To get co-ordinates of the position where the image is clicked, use the API that is part of Magic Zoom. There is a good example in this demo zip file - open the file example13.html.