ZF and XML query

I am new in zendFramework and need help little bit.
I have got to work a ZF in taht quick example. Now I need to make a XML POST query against the server.

Question is, how I can read the data what is coming?

lets say the url where the XML will be send is example.com/search/

Sorry for messy question but do not know how to ask better :blush:

In your controller you would access request or $_GET variables in your controller using the request object.


Urls in ZF, by default, are in the format of <protocol>://<host>/<module>/<controller>/<action>/<key_1>/<val_1>/…/<key_n>/<val_n>

If you are just starting out in php MVC frameworks, I suggest looking at Symfony rather than ZF. There are many reason I suggest this having worked with production system in both frameworks, but most importantly for someone starting out, the Symfony documentation is superior for those trying to learn the framework IMHO.