HTTPS Request & XML

Dear Gurus,

i am trying to connect to a remote Server via https and fire some XML commands. how cal i do it. the following are the steps:

Step 1. URL

Step 2. XML

How can this be done. this is what i came up with but am stuck with pass the URL GET parameter.

$site = "IP:894";
$loc = "Receiver?CODE=GW&LOGIN=username&PASSWORD=je0b12221a0558c&SOURCE_TYPE=EXT&SERVICE_PORT=200";

$BODY = "<?xml version=\\"1.0\\"?>

echo $out=XML_request($site,$loc,$BODY);

function XML_request($site, $location, $data){
        $site = explode(':', $site);
        if(isset($site[1]) and is_numeric($site[1])){
                $port = $site[1];
                $port = 80;
        $site = $site[0];

		$conn = fsockopen ("ssl://".$site, $port,$errno,$errstr,30); #open the connection
        if(!$conn){ #if the connection was not opened successfully
            fputs($conn, $data);

            #socket_set_blocking ($conn, false);
            $response = "";
                $response .= fgets($conn, 1024);
	return $return;


Please help