Zend Framework on WAMP on Vista?


Does anyone have experience of installing the Zend Framework on a WAMP Server on Vista?

I’ve heard some great things about Zend and the way it can speed up programming.

I did try this: http://www.zendcasts.com/getting-started-with-zend-and-wamp-server/ but Vista wouldn’t let me edit the file in the etc directory :frowning:

Many thanks

I myself create a new folder called “Work” or sometimes I use a separate partition dedicated for “Work”. I put everything concerning my work there like servers, language runtimes, application configurations, etc. This way I have the necessary permissions to alter files. If I put things in “Program Files” on Windows Vista I must first elevate to Administrator level.

For editing the “hosts” files, first drag it to your desktop and edit it there, then drag it back to the original directory.

But installing Zend Framework…it is just a bunch of text files which you can put any where you like…

Hey logic_earth,

Many thanks for the detailed reply and for finding the topic in the first place. Accidentally posted it here instead of PHP forum :slight_smile:

I hope to try this in the morning and will report back.

Thanks :slight_smile: