Your work desk belongings are your survival gear during a zombie apocalypse

Let’s play a game.

What are the top three items you’ll bring to escape the zombie infested world?

To get the ball rolling, mine are:

  1. PS Vita
  2. Ping Pong paddle (we play table tennis in the office)
    3.Coffee Mug with my cat’s picture

So, how screwed are you?

Rubiks Cube(s), medicine (cough medicine, tums, etc), and…a monitor? To bash zombies with?

Semi screwed probably.

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We’ll probably see a zombified version of you soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Zombie kill of the week:

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On my desk I have:

  1. A red Angry Bird
  2. A black Angry Bird
  3. ‘Creepers’ the Beanie Baby

Any zombie worth their salt will recognise that they are the brains of the outfit, so I’ll be perfectly safe…


Hmm… from the small range I have to choose from, I think I’ll go for

  1. A tub of white willow bark capsules
  2. A large jar of paperclips
  3. A small, plush Tux.

I can quickly form the paperclips into a chain. The I throw the capsules under the zombies’ feet to put them off-balance, and while they’re distracted, I can tie them up with my paperclip chains.

When if that fails, I still have Tux for comfort in my last moments…


Were you a fan of MacGyver, by any chance?

Alright MacGeyver :stuck_out_tongue: .

Edit - Ninja’d :frowning:

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Until I saw a trailer for it last week, I’d never even heard of MacGyver. Worth watching?

Whaaaaaaat? Never heard of MacGyver??

Yeah you should definitely check it out… it’s classic 80s TV (in a good way).

Thanks - I’ll need to try and find it on DVD. (I saw the trailer when we were away, and it’s on a channel we don’t get here. )

Well hey, at least you get to hug something before you die :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Oh, geeze, my work desk is terribly unprepared. /glances around ok, from items currently on my desk.

I guess I would take this extra long ethernet cable and spool it up to use as some low strength rope… um…

my laptop bag (yes, I’m cheating, there’s a pocket knife and a flashlight and spare battery and a phone recharger and a few other misc items in there).

annnddd this notebook, so that I could write a cool non-fictional book about the zpoc as it happens and be wildly rich after I survive.


Might not be much of an audience (left) for that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Psshhh there’ll be plenty, five years after the fact. Humanity is like a disease, we’ll spread again quickly.

I volunteer my body as tribute.

To our ravenous zombie overlords?

To whomever wants it :stuck_out_tongue: .

Not me - I’m vegetarian…

Playing hard to get, eh?