Your camera

So what camera do you use? What camera would you like in near future?

I use a Nikon D70 and a Nikon N80 for film and use my Sigma lenses on both. I have a 28-80mm and a 100-300mm zoom. Of course I bought it just before all the new ones came out last summer so I have been lusting over the D80s

I use Canon PowerShot A495 it is 10-megapixel, always good for blog posting but i hate it because it has fairly slow shooting performance. But maybe next month or by the end of this year i am going to buy Sony DSLR-A390 or DSLR-A290. :blush:

I own an old film-based Canon EOS Rebel II with a hand-me-down lens, and a (much newer) Canon EOS SLR Digital Rebel XTi with a Canon Image Stabilizing lens (17-85mm, if I remember correctly).

I’m really liking the new digital. :slight_smile: I might look in to infrared photography for the old camera now that I know about it (new digital can’t do it without internal modification).

Yes the one thing I was disappointed about my D70 was the lack of shooting in black and white, same would go for the infrared, you still need the film cameras to do certain things. Not that it is very hard to turn a digital pic to BW, it is still nice to get instant gratification in a BW format.

My main body is a Canon 20D, but I also have a Rebel XTi as a backup.
Lenses are all over the place, with my main ones being:
Canon 100-400L
Tamron 28-75/2.8
Sigma 18-50/2.8
Sigma 70-200/2.8
Canon 50/1.8 (with macro extensions)
Tamron 1.4x

If I feel artsy or weird I also play with some ‘cheap’ lenses I have:
Lens in a Cap
Quantaray 1000/16
Japan 500/8 Mirror

I hope to get the new MkIII, but may settle for the MkII

At work, I am using a Canon Powershot S80 (only because the Powershot G6 wasn’t being sold anymore and I had not worked with an SLR camera before).

At home, I am using a Canon Digital Rebel XT with a Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens.

I definitely want to move to a Canon DSLR in the future at work (the Rebel XTi or whatever Rebel is current whenever that happens).

I’ve only just recently picked up a Sony Alpha1000 in the twin lens kit(18-70mm and 75-300mm). Its my first SLR and I love it so far. I’m still getting use to it.

Say just a quick question, does anyone know if the sigma lenses are compatible with the Alpha100? I’m not sure of the specific details of the sigma lens. Its a Macro lens thats going out cheap at work.

I have the same Olympus OM-2 I bought in 1975 with a wide range of lenses that goes everywhere with me.

I’ve been using a Canon ES350D with 17-85mm lens for about a year and a half now. If I could make my choice again I would have gone for the equivalent Nikon. I’ve just not been happy with the focus on any of my pictures, it just doesn’t have the wow factor I was hoping for.

I was using a Nikon Coolpix P1 until my in-laws accidentally broke it. Now I’m definitely looking into the Nikon D40. I’m not a professional photographer by any means, but I need to do some shots here and there for web design, plus I love having great quality shots of family stuff. I’ve heard good things about that camera.

Sigma makes lenses in many mounts, including Canon, Mikon & Minolta. Don’t know if they make a Sony Mount lens.
You might check the Sigma website.

I use a HP Photosmart E427 digital camera. :slight_smile:

[FONT=“Georgia”]I love your taste, thegunslinger1

I used the Rebel XT for a few months (company camera) along with 18 - 70mm and 100 - 300mm zooms.

Wasn’t bad, I was really impressed with its performance :tup: … but I find that it felt too light and “floaty” for my taste. :tdown:

I saved up for a year and got myself a gorgeous D 80 (which I’ve named “Twii” ) and a

  • 50mm Prime,
  • 55mm Macro
  • and an 18 - 70 Zoom.

Hot stuff… I love it!! :tup:

I really wish I got a firing cord, though… when I’m using the macro the slightest vibration of my hand screws it up. For now I use the timer to get around that.[/FONT]

i use a canon 350D or in someplaces its called the rebel xt, mainly with a 50mm prime lens and the included kit lens.

my pointandshoot cam is a canon A95

canon rocks, so should you. be canon!

I got this on sale at Best Buy in April:

Kodak EasyShare 6.1-Megapixel 12x Optical Zoom Digital Camera (Model: Z612)

Also got a PNY 2GB Secure Digital Memory Card and a Sunpak Platinum Plus 59" Tripod.

I’m using a Fujifilm S5600 which is basically a compact that looks a bit like a DSLR. This camera got me into the finer aspects of photography, and now I’m thinking of moving up to a DSLR. So the information in this thread is pretty useful to me.

Popular vote seems to go to the Rebel XT eh?

^I sell cameras(mainly compacts) and the Fujifilm S5600 is one of my favourites. What do you think of it?

Thanks, I’ll have a look.

BTW my family compact camera is an Olympus FE190 which isn’t too bad for an entry model camera.

[FONT=“Georgia”]You should turn this topic into a poll.

It’d be interesting to see the SLR users versus the Point-and-Shooters… Not to mention the Nikon users versus the Canon users.

Haven’t heard anyone say Minolta yet.[/FONT]

Check out ebay for Adidt - it’s an off brand that makes remotes for most camera models.

I bought a couple of Canon ones, one wired for about $10, and a wireless for about $80, that are well worth the $. (I lost my charger for the wireless one though - so off to Radioshack to buy a replacement)

NIKON D50…TOKINA 12-24mm wide angle (amazing lens), sigma 55-300mm…NIKON POLARISER and assorted graduated filters…