Film Camera Thread!

Just by interest,
Are there still people shooting with analog film cameras now after 2010?

And what type of cam do you use?

Single-lens reflex
Twin-lens reflex
Folding camera
Box camera
Rangefinder camera

And what format of film? small (35mm), medium (like 120mm), large format, plate?

What was/is your favourite film?

Let us know !
Do you use those images for internet? You scan the films/photos with scanners to get it digitalized?

[FONT=“Georgia”]I still have my first film SLR that I learned on. I play with it every now and again, but the costs involved in buying and processing film just aren’t worth it. Pixels are free.

It’s more for nostalgia now, and experimentation. B+W film.

I’d still like to get my hands on this beauty someday; Nikon FM10 35mm SLR

Also I’d like to learn how to use a view-cam maybe.


I still have my first ever film camera sitting in the loft but would never even dream of using film in any format. Even medium format i use a digital back. The truth is even if you do get your film camera out then your negatives are going to be scanned and printed digital anyway. I am a portrait photographer and the idea of using film in work would be mad cost wise.

I have a complete 35mm canon setup with 3 lens that cost a fortune in the early 90s but i then bought a ricoh digital camera back in 2000 and once again that was ultra expensive but i think it was sub 1 mega pixel but have never looked back the move over to digital ment that all my 35mm is worthless money wise.

I’m a bit surprized, but not much I guess. I used to take a lot of pictures using an old Kodak (cartridge film - 128?) I got as a Christmas present when I was a child. Then I graduated to a 35mm Kodak and liked that. Both Black and White and Color.

But then I got a digital camera and once I got used to it my use of the film camera dropped off rather quickly.

For me the digital camera (and my computer) can do just as well as any of the film cameras did. And unlike the photos received from the developers, I can work with the files to get what I want (more or less).

BUT - I’ve only ever used simple “point and click” cameras. I never got into using cameras with adjustable aperatures, shutter speed, lense types, etc. The closest I got to anything like that was experimenting with different film speed.

Still, I’ve always thought that for taking “artistic” photographs a good film camera would have some advantages over digital cameras. But even my digital camera is old now (Olympus 1.3 Mpx) so I suppose digital camera technology has advanced a lot since then.

My favourite films were/are:
Kodak Portra 160VC
Fuji Reala
Kodak 400CN for sepia or bw

Favourite cams:
Lomo LC-a
Lubitel 166B
Seagull 205-a
Nikon F401

4 years ago, I was still shooting at least 1 film a week. Sometimes daily. I used to work in a photo shop aswel.
Now, since I have gone digital, I shoot 1 film a year. :shifty: