Yahoo Store question - trying to set a TXT record in DNS Management

Here’s what we have going. One of our sites is set up as a Yahoo Store. We have a secondary domain that is pointed to it ( is the main store and has pointing to it) via domain forwarding. Both domains are hosted via Yahoo Small Business. I’m trying to set it up so that the domain that is being forwarded also forwards email to the other domain as well, without having to set up hosting for the secondary domain. The problem we’re running into is that we use Gmail for our email server. Google requires ownership verification, and the only form of verification they have available that doesn’t involve having web hosting tied to the domain is setting up TXT records via DNS settings. And of course, Yahoo Small Business doesn’t allow you to set TXT records. All of the other forms of verification require you to add code to a page, which means you need to open up web hosting for that domain, which we really don’t want to do.

It seems the only other option we have is to move the domain to a new registrar that allows TXT records. Am I right? Any other option here?

Thanks in advance.