Wsod - no errors

I’ve got a file, currently at around 15k lines. I’ve come to a point where if I change a line adding in some, it will return a white screen. When I remove that one line it is back to being okay. The code is completely fine as it is a direct copy from code that is just a line above it. No errors are displayed with any sort of error reporting and there are no errors coming in from the server on the error logs.

56k warning, long file

Is it a specific line you’re changing that causes the whitescreen, or is it any line?

Also, use E_ALL instead of a fixed integer in your Error_reporting - the predefined value will always be correct, while a number may or may not.

It didn’t seem to match up to anything specific. I’ve done some changes like drop some sql queries that weren’t needed and an input that wasn’t needed. This allowed me to change like 2 sets of lines. I can try to change any line but it seems that once I’m right there near that limit anything will throw it over which is why I am thinking some kind of performance/memory issue. I just signed up on another host to see if it is any different, getting the sql info in now. (needed a new host for a website anyway so I decided to give it a shot)