Writing Your First Android App

Writing an app for Android is relatively simple once you have the right tools installed and configured to do the hard work for you. Let Daniel Bradby lead you through the process of writing your very first Android app.

Thanks for that post. hope you’ll add more .plz update What after that

Great timing man, I was think about adding an app to my online company. I also read that the apps could be written in Objective-C? And also HTML5/CSS3? I’m trying to get this down, I’m a complete noob in this field. I would like to make apps for the IPhone and Android…Don’t care for Windows Phone right now…

Objective-C is what iPhone apps are written in. Android apps are written in Java, albeit on their own VM named Dalvik so there’s a difference.

I also read that the apps could be written in Objective-C? And also HTML5/CSS3?

The HTML/CSS ones you’ve heard about are commonly called a “w3c widget” and are zipped together with an XML document… they don’t work on all phones but quite a few.
Or, PhoneGap.

Yeah, fair point, GuitarMantra. Have to see what we can do about a follow-up.

It would be nice to see a more advanced tutorial for Android, leading through to the development of a useful app. Perhaps an app that handles XML information? A lot of apps for websites do exactly that so the tutorial would probably be well-received.

I had no idea that the android apps were created with Java. This means I can write android apps in my Ubuntu Desktop environment. Thanks for the informative post!

It is important to note that apps are written only in the Java language. As I mentioned before the language works on Dalvik, rather than the typical JDK in order to work with the phone.

Thanks for the information, I see what your saying. Im gonna start playing with it now. I currently have the HTC EVO and I would love to write some simple apps to check my stats etc. I appreciate the quick reply!

Stll, the syntax is fairly “Java”.

As I said, that’s because Android uses the Java language. The reason the language differs is because you’re using the standard API that Android provides, not the Java API.

You should checkout offficial android samples and learn from them

Hello people, seeing that some of you are new to Android development, I thought I would share one of the free resources I use as well.
http://programming-android.labs.oreilly.com/ It’s a work in progress, but has everything to get you knocking together you very own app.

I hope admin don’t mind me sharing the link - it’s freely available on O’Reilly website.

Apps are going to quickly become the biggest thing of our generation. People barely need their computers/laptops anymore because almost everything can now be accessed on our mobil phones. Thanks for posting that! It will be really helpful for everyone if they learn how to make apps these days!

Does anybody have a tip of a good book to create Android apps? I’ve seen a few on Amazon, but don’t want to spend money on a dud. Thanks in advance.

This is great man thank you, hope fully is much easier than building iPhone apps.


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thx, interesting article, it’s very useful for a newbie.Very supportive link to create your first android app.

Some of you will be interested in Daniel Bradby’s follow up article, in which he shows how to set up an Android app to feed a Twitter stream. Pretty nifty.