Writing a blog using web2py or Django

Anyone used either of these for building a personal blog…?

Im in the process of starting one using web2py. ive been reading the book which is pretty good at explaining how things work. Though it could probably have more use cases. but theres also the wiki for that as well as other peoples blog posts. So far i like it very much.

But what is your reason for asking? evaluating the two? i have not used django really at all but when comparing frameworks these two and turbogears were in the top. i chose web2py cause i liked the feel of how the system works and it has a very good community behind it as well. The mailing list is incredibly helpful as well as the #web2py channel on freenode irc. (not to say that django doesnt have a good irc/community as well). Just for me web2py fit naturally with my way of thinking.

I’ve literally just downloaded it and started to figure out the interface.

What I would really like to know is how my HTML and CSS integrates with it…

Can you style everything according to how you want it e.g login page etc and then just use the web2py engine to take care of the rest…?

I’m also having a bit of a problem previewing my new pages when I add them…? But like I say first day

You have to run web2py first, in the root directory you have to run “python web2py.py” or if your on windows and downloaded the windows version, run web2py.exe this will ask you for a password. choose one and it will open the site. Python isnt just base html/css so you need a webserver to run and see your code. Fourtunately you can leave it running in the background while editing or changing all your code. I really reccomend reading the getting started sections in the book at The Official web2py Book. it helps quite a lot.

Thanks dude Im gonna tackle it this weekend :slight_smile: