Python or Ruby for website?

I already know PHP to build websites and I would like to know another language for creating websites.
So I hesitate between Python with framework Django or Ruby with Ruby on Rails
Can you tell me which is the best choice.
Which is more productive, faster, and sécuisé may be suitable for very large sites with high traffic.
I await your advice.
Thank you!

Take a coin, pick a side for either Ruby or Python, flip it.
Whichever comes up that is what you should learn.

They’re both excellent choices and you won’t go far wrong either way.

Here’s my summary of the differences between them.

To me, Ruby is the nicer of the languages, though I’m sure many would disagree. Rails is a general purpose MVC framework. You can very easily do anything you like with it. The Rails community really likes “magic”, Things that just work, and you really have to delve to find out how. You might like this, or you might not. It’s sometimes a barrier to greater engagement. You also get HAML which totally rocks.

Python is possibly a more grown up language, and the developer community has a more adult (in a good way) feel to it. For me, it’s not quite as nice to write, but really it is still very good indeed and semantic indentation is awesome. Django is also an MVC framework, but with it’s excellent built in admin system, it’s really targeted at CMS. You can do anything you like with it though should you wish to. Django developers tend to eschew magic, preferring things to work in a more obvious way.

In my experience, Django has a smaller footprint than Rails meaning you can deploy it on a cheaper server. I have also found it faster than Rails. Currently I err towards Rails for webapps, and Django for CMS, but that’s a personal preference. You can pick up the basics of both in a day, and there’s lots of commonality, so I’d suggest just having a go to see what you think…