WP Not Updating to 3.0.1

I tried this on the .org forums, but no responses… such a hit or miss over there.

I attempted to run the automatic upgrade to 3.0.1 on both of my WP sites, but the upgrade stopped at the “downloading update” stage and wouldn’t continue. I tried the Memory Bump plugin, but that did not fix the problem. I should also mention that on this server I have probably 5 or 6 WP installs… some of them upgrade, and some don’t.

No wonder we cannot get the solution. Anyway, I am already running by default using PHP5 for many months.

I finally discovered the problem… I wasn’t running PHP5 in the .htaccess file. Once I did that everything worked just fine. Thanks for the help though!

IF the auto upgrade is not working then you will need to do the manual method of downloading the latest version and overwrite the existing. Remember to backup first before doing that. Also, backup your wp-config and the database.

That is what I do when it can’t upgrade automatically.

Hi fendeanson,

Try download the latest wordpress 3.0.1 and manually update it to your site. Before you do that, backup first.

Please let me know if that helps. :slight_smile: