WP and PHP version 7.3

I have tested and tried to upgrade version to 7.3. due to security and speed. When I installed updated WP installation it will not work on 7.3. Is there any setting which prevents working WP with the latest release?

In a word, nope.

Maybe it’s a plugin causing the issue? Try disabling all of your plugins (for example, by renaming the plugin directory) and see if that helps.

You mean disabling all of our plugins and updating to 7.3. and modify plugin directory back to its name?

How did you do this?

What I mean is updating to 7.3 (which I assume breaks your site), renaming the plugins directory. reloading the site and seeing if it then works.

I have tested. The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions. When I modify plugins directory to plugin1 it will work but an error occurs regarding cache plugin. Maybe plugins are not prepared for 7.3. This is huge disadvantage.

Sounds like it. Now I would look at disabling all plugins, then enabling them one by one to see what makes it break. Also try updating your plugins to the latest versions.

What version of php are you upgrading from?

from 7.0. to 7.3.
I have received official confirmation and WP Total Cache is compatible with 7.3. It seems I have to do step by step plugin disabled option.