Shopping cart in word press

I’m going to add a small shopping cart to sell merchandise to an existent WP website.

Can you suggest to me the best plugin for a shopping cart in word press?

WP Ecommerce Plugin is one thats pretty popular. I tested out woocommerce and it works pretty well and has good dash board integration. There are some others, like cart66 that looked pretty good too. This was a good post on the subject:

Thank you for the help.

Actually I was not impressed by WP e-Commerce s I moved to another plugin called woocommerce.
I got several trouble to integrate the template but beside that seams really nice.

I use Cart66 and it works flawlessly. Although I use their Paid Version, they do have a “Lite” or free version that you can use.


I was really impressed by how cart66 looked. For the particular project I was working on it wasn’t a good fit but this is reminding me to take another good look at it for future projects. ArtphotoasiA I checked your site but didn’t see where you integrated it. was it on that site? can you post a link?

I will integrate in another website, not mine, at the present time finally I used woocommerce.