WP auto translate plugin

Hey guys

Is there a Wordpress plugin (or any other open source plugin I can hack) that I can use to auto translate content on a blog on the fly.


When the blog editor writes a new story the plugin must automatically run and translates the story into German or Spanish etc. I know traditionally web tranlation is very bad but its merely for a thesis I am working on for business owners that want to take their blogs into other countries.

The plugin can run once a day to translate all new content added to the blog on that day

Google translate/babble fish/etc work great but this is a manual process - I need automation

Any ideas? Would something like this be possible?

Thanks for any feedback.

I don’t think there is anything exactly like that at the moment, you may get a head start by looking at this page perhaps?

I don’t know of any automated ways that work foolproof to plug into wp.

You could always make one, it wouldn’t actually be that hard.
Loop through all posts and use google translate for e.g. to modify the code.
Storing the data in all the languages would be your biggest problem.

Hi, thats for the info. yea, i was thinking of that as well. Storing it is not a problem, as I was planning on setting up a completely seperate blog for it in the meantime. But then it will need to post as well. We will just have to see.

Thanks again

AFAIK the WordPress plugins and gettext itself require a translation library for each language. And not just word for word, but for specific phrases. Often words are different when used in different contexts.

So when the content is known, it’s possible to provide various translations. But for visitor contributed content, even if you did word for word translations on the fly it’s liable to come out like broken pidgeon English. eg. verb-noun juxtaposition, wrong tense/sex etc.

When it comes to translation there’s still nothing that comes close to a real human.