Do you know this wordpress plugin?

i just searching a wordpress plugin that could translate my content in different languages,and i do not like Global Translator,which i want is like that,when i add content in my blog,it would show me other language content on my blog,just like i use Chinese to write it,but when you log in my site, you just could see english content.And no need to change the url.
Anyone can help me?

Why not just post your blog post in chinese?

Here is one that looks good but I have not used it:

@ BPartch

Thanks for the plugin. I am also looking for WP plugin that will allow me to translate my blog in several languages.

I think that one has you covered.

If your want to present your blog in different languages (totally with title, rss, categories working, not just the post) and allows visitors to pick the language they want, this plugin is for you.