WP and custom fonts

If the theme you’re using has google fonts and it doesn’t have the specifit fonts you want how do you add custom fonts?

Externally you can use import Google Fonts.

  1. Go to Google fonts and choose your favorite fonts - then click “Quick Use”
  2. Then use your Import method. That’s it.

Follow these steps to upload custom fonts

  1. Download, install & active Use Any Font

  2. Follow this link and register for the API (Slide your contribution to free)

  3. Copy the API Key & paste it to Dashboard → Use Any Font → API Key Field & click on Verify

  4. Now Click on Add Fonts to upload font (Give your font a name & hit upload) & click Save Settings

  5. Go To your themes Custom CSS & paste this CSS

    body, .comment-form-comment textarea, .comm_wrap input{font-family: Fontname !important; ;}
    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, #topmenu ul li a, .postitle, .product_title{font-family:Fontname !important;}
    .logo h2, .logo h1, .logo h2 a, .logo h1 a{font-family: Fontname !important; ;}

  6. Replace the font name with name you gave when you uploaded the font


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