World Class Web Designers to Keep an Eye On?

I’d like to compile a list of the top 20 web designers to watch, admire, and learn from. “Top 20” is quite subjective, of course, and I’m not implying any kind of actual ranking. Just like most industries have their “hot shots”, thought leaders, and true innovators, the web design industry has its superstars as well.

I’m aware of some people (see below) but would like input from readers of the Sitepoint Forums since, almost by definition, you’re among the creme of the crop if you’re smart enough and involved enough to be here!

The list should contain designers who create interesting, innovative, “break the mold” designs. It should contain designers who leverage the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. It should contain designers who forge the way for the rest of us in solving problems - for example, people who create responsive design, better accessibility, faster page loading, etc.

I’ll list a few names I know, but please add the names of others you think should be on the list. Please explain why the people you name should be people to follow. I’ll let this thread simmer for a week or two, consolidate the names, then post a follow up with the most mentioned people.

So, to get started (and these are in no particular order)…

Paul Boag
Andy Budd
Dan Cederholm
Ethan Marcotte
Paul Irish
Veerle Pieters
Jason Santa Maria
Chris Coyier
Jonathan Snook
Elliot Jay Stocks

OK, your turn!

Can I nominate myself? :nanaman::nanaman::nanaman:

just kidding, I personally very much like the RocketTheme design-work, and though they don’t add a particular name to each design, I’ve heard that Luke Whitson is involved in pretty much all their templates.

He should definitely be considered for a spot, representing RocketTheme if anything :slight_smile: