Latest Trends in Website designing

I am currently designing a site. I want to know the latest trends in web designing.

You should consult a professional web designer related this. This will be good for you.

First of all you should have the latest webdesign program because it will provide you with great features that will enable you to design a great website and make your work very easy. For example you can try the latest version of cs like cs6.

2013 has been a great year in terms of web design, the latest trends which has been introduced are as follow:

  1. Responsive web design
  2. Using circles in layout
  3. One Page design
  4. Constant support of navigation using fixed headers
  5. Trend of using wider photographs
  6. Using social media badges on websites/blogs
  7. Using digital illustrations
  8. Feature tours
  9. Full screen typo
  10. Using open API’s & resources
  11. Animation with help of CSS3
  12. Vertical navigation
  13. Parallax

Trends in the website designing

  1. Responsive Web Design
  2. Flat web Design
  3. Parallax web design trend
  4. Full-Screen Photo Launch Pages
  5. Advanced Page Navigation and Scrolling

It is very essential to add website banner designs to make your website more attractive.Its also a trend now.People always show interest on good looking websites.Flash banner designs and gif banner designs are familiar nowadays. Alot of banner design online services available now.

Try to use the latest web designing technology when you you go for design a website. Updated yourself by reading the latest web designing journals and different articles related to it.

check out very informative post on latest trends on website design at enfuzed:

Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Currently Responsive web design and Parallax pattern become more popular on the web.

currently use cs6,html5 any many more designing tools

Well there are many trends going on right now, but the most popular discussion is on ‘more flat design and no skeuomorphism’. That means go minimal and simple, without glossy effects or patterns from the real world. Have fun :slight_smile:

If you have money, you can hire a pro to do all the designing work. Or you can teach yourself online by studying the web programs needed in that field (e.g. language program, graphic design, content writing, inter alia).

Do you have a few good examples of this banners? something that is really elegant and goes well w/the design.
or are you just referring to adds?

Pursuing a flat UI for websites certainly seems like the latest design trend! If you are looking to implement a clean, clear and yet impactful design, Flat UI seems like the way to go and a simple Google search these days will give you plenty of beautiful examples.

These links might be helpful to get you started:

I think the flat ui is already on the way out actually.

I think the flat ui is already on the way out actually.

Why do you think that is?
What do you think is the next big trend?

I think like w/just about anything…flat/web 2.0 whatever. How well the designer uses it is, and how well it servers the content and the user is what makes the diff in the end.
however I see less and less sites that have a “flat” design. I really do think it is “over” for the most. That is not to say that it can’t be fun or appealing.
newest trend? not sure at all :slight_smile: that was why I took a look at this thread. was wondering what people thought it was.

Latest trend for website design - all device. Use HTML5 and responsive website design.