Works In IE8 But Not IE7 or 6

The background image for the #outer div does not appear in IE7 or 6.
The margin-top for the #outer div does not appear to be working.
The background of the #wrapper does not continue to the bottom of the parent container in IE6.
There is a gap between where the bottom of the #wrapper and the #footer meet. Should be seamless and touch each other as in IE8.

Can someone take a look and tell me why and what would fix it?


Well if your stylesheet looks like -----------IE.CSS---------- Then that’s invalid. Those aren’t in comments

I locally tested my fixes and I know they work. Make sure your stylesheet is valid and your HTML as well.

I cannot figure this one out. I have added zoom: 1 to my ie.css document and I am still showing that the problems haven’t been fixed. So my guess is that I have added them in the wrong place or something. Does this look correct?

/* CSS Document */

.clearfix { zoom: 1; }
#outer { zoom: 1; }
#wrapper { zoom: 1; }


Would you be willing to rewrite the CSS for me and get those issues resolved? I am willing to pay.

I was just using those hyphens to separate the title of the conditional CSS file.

The file is located at and looks like this…

/* CSS Document */

.clearfix 	{ zoom: 1; }
#outer 		{ zoom: 1; }
#wrapper 	{ zoom: 1; }

Check your facebook (technically my wall since you posted there) (he asked me there) :slight_smile:

Guess I should start posting on this.

You say it doesn’t work?

zoom:1; makes the background show in IE6 so…you are probably having cache issues.

Height:0/overflow:hidden; on the clearfix works…so…yeah I’m 2/2

Clear your cache and check the page again.