Star html hack - there has to be another way

Seems it’s just one of those days sigh


IE6 creates and unwanted gap between the nav and the header. The header image is background, so it’s not the usual ‘image creates unwanted space’ problem.

Feeding IE6 a smaller top margin to #navcontainer solves it but there has to be another way then hacking it … or not?

Hi, if you mean IE7…then yes I can see what you are talking about. IE6 seems A-Ok on my side. IE7 can probably be fixed by removing the top margin set here (it doesn’t change anything visually in FF/moderns anyway)


I meant IE6 buddy :slight_smile:
Didn’t check in IE7 yet but thanks for the tip :smiley: Don’t know what that margin-top: 1em was doing there anyway…

IE6 looks good now also once the topmargin was reset

Completely overlooked that wrapper margin … sigh… Not a good day today it seems :wink:

I didn’t even see it in IE6 … though sleep deprivation probably had me load IE6 after I implimented the fix.

One of those days it seems lol :). Glad it’s working.

It’s the same deprivation that got me not noticing that top margin … only slept 2 hours :eek:

Off Topic:

I can beat that. No sleep :slight_smile: