Wordpress Home Page

Hi, i started using Wordpress 2 weeks ago and i absolutely love it… i have bought 3 different templates and i have been playing around with them, and i am finding it difficult to do 2 things…

1 - all the templates come with a cool banner slideshow on the home page BUT the home page also lists the blog posts on the home page when i install it… i would like to remove the blog posts and just put normal content in content area (like the template screenshots have) - how is this done

2 - similarly, when i create a main custom menu for the site and activate it as the main navigation, the home button is lost… so i then add a home page but this obviously does not look like the main home page and the banner is missing from the top, how do i fix this

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help

Every template is different but let me give it a shot. Your homepage is currently setup as your blog page. You need to create a page that you want to be your home page via “add pages”, go to “reading” in your WP dashboard settings tab and make that page your default home page in the static home page dropdown.

For the second one, you just need to create a custom menu. Go to “add menu” and just configure it as your main nav.

Cool, thanks for your help :wink: