Wordpress Site Security is big challenge for New Bloggers?

I have my own website and I see many bloggers using WordPress: many times, many scripts in WordPress websites. I lost my website because of only WordPress security. I am not able to buy premium security plugins. Looking for free security that will secure my hosting and WordPress.

Is there a was I can secure my websites?

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You can put a CDN in front of you site to rise the security. I recommend the free tier of Cloudflare. Cloudflare can hide your ip-address using proxy. As a bonus your site will be cached and hopefully fasterā€¦

I have experience with Cloudflare but I still have an issue with the site. I list a blog with 50+ blog posts. Just lost it for security reasons and host provider suspended the account

ā€˜for security reasonsā€™.

Because of the software you are using, or because of the content of the site?
I dont imagine that most hosts would just flat out block a site for using wordpress defaultā€¦

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