Wordpress redisgn!

Hi guys. Just after some advice please.
I have a wordpress site and need to do a site redesign.
I have redesigned my site in photoshop and have the .psd file.

I do not want to change any content, posts, layout etc as my wordpress site is quite high up on google for my keywords and do not want this to have any effect on this.

What is the best option to go about redesigning my site? Am thinking of creating my site using html 5 also. Would this be beneficial?

Look forward to your advice and tips.

Thanks for reading.

Modify the existing theme by changing the template files like header.php, footer.php as well as the stylesheet.

This shouldn’t effect your ranking.

No, HTML5 elements won’t give you any benefits at the moment.

Totally disagree, you’ll have the benefit of learning HTML5 - it’s quickly becoming a new standard with features supported by most of the modern browsers. Personally I think you’d be foolish to miss this opportunity to start learning.

There are other benefits too for your users, particularly users on mobile devices, but that’s a whole other post :slight_smile:

Oh, and you should really consider a ‘responsive web design’ solution.

Please write the other post and tag me @markbrown4; :slight_smile:

It’s ok to be enthusiastic about HTML5 but it won’t give a wordpress site any practical advantages or competitive edge.
The “application” part of wordpress ( admin / comments / etc… ) is all handled by wordpress itself.
The customisation is purely to the static components where html5 doesn’t help.

Cheers guys for your replies. I guess will breakdown my html tags and css on my header, fotter pages etc that makes sense and will keep my options open regarding html5. Once again thanks for your advice.