Wordpress Newbie

Hi Guys,

I’m just starting out with WordPress and was wondering where is the best place to start.

Is it better to start with a blank theme and add widgets/plugins as I go?

Or, should I start with the TwentyTen theme and adapt it as necessary?

If its the blank template route, which one is the best to use?

Many thanks



Set up a site, use TwentyTen to get started, and dig deep into the codex when you have issues editing features, content, etc.

I highly recommend using the Thematic framework - http://themeshaper.com/

It starts out almost completely blank, or minimalistic. But it is well marked up so customising via CSS is very easy and flexible.

And getting Sitepoint’s Wicked Wordpress book is good companion to Thematic.

Learn the default theme/template then switch to a customized.

Hello Gareth!

If you’re new to WordPress, it makes sense to start with a default theme to get used to how the system works.

If you want to go barebones, then Starkers might be an option: http://starkerstheme.com/

Hi Gareth,

I’m just getting into wordpress too.

The thematic theme is a great starting point, and the CSS customisation of a child thematic theme is covered in the wordpress book

Thanks for getting back to me, I will have a look at that template and will let you know how I get on :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delayed response.

I started with the TwentyTen theme as suggested and had a very basic site up and running in a few hours.

There was a lot of stripping down the code. But turned out ok in the end :wink:

Thanks for you help, its really appreciated

I have too kept the TwentyTen theme as well as Thematic framework. I use them both to mess around with the widget/plugins before implementing them on my websites, Now you can find literally hundreds of great looking free WP themes.

I am using TwentyTen currently. I actually wouldn’t recommend it to a newbie, I find it to be more scattered.

I would look at the default one.