Beginner's Guide to the Thematic Framework for WordPress

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Our latest article is an intro tutorial on the CSS styling potential of the Thematic WordPress theme framework. Have you worked with Thematic? Are you considering it?

I have had to do a rush job on modifying a theme for a client. I haven’t delved into building or modifying WordPress themes in detail in the past, so I’m starting from scratch, ALTHOUGH, I understand html and css and can tweak php files if the guidance is adequate. And I have modified a couple of existing themes in the past.

I reached for the Sitepoint book Build your own wicked wordpress themes. Chapter 4 recommends working with Thematic as a basis. I downloaded the theme and followed instructions to install the child theme folder.

My client does not understand blogs, (even email is a bit of a strain) so what I want to do for her is just to create 3 or 4 pages and show her how to edit them. Don’t get me started on categories and posts etc. She finds the terminology utterly confusing.

Following the WordPress codex advice to change the page I created as Home to a static page, the blog broke in the child Thematic theme.

I’ve reinstalled WordPress and am being very cautious about what I’m doing.

The Themeshaper website recommended building a front-page.php template. Only the content of that file gets recognised when I view the front page of the site. I can’t get the theme to recognise the template as simply a template.

However, if I switch back to Twenty-Ten, the Home page that I created comes up as the front page. (Yes, I did change settings.)

Despite the enthusiasm of the creator, Thematic seems a bit over complicated to adjust, particularly when it doesn’t work. So I’m wondering why Sitepoint bothered to promote it.

Not sure if I’ve explained this adequately but it is feedback.

And you won’t be able to view the site because I’m running it on a local server on my Mac.

Sue Hutton

I used affilojetpack

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It was really informative…:slight_smile:

Being an 19 year old, I have played with WordPress for a couple of years now. just thatThe WordPress Loop is explained when we get to the post on the Index Template. pretty well.


Is there anything like this for Drupal? Is Drupal’s Zen theme the equivalent to Thermatic? Is theming in Drupal significantly more difficult than using WP?

You need to add

<?php /*
* Template Name: First Page

to make it show up in the template drop down on the new page editor.

I didn’t work with before. I want to be a wordpress expert. I hope your post will help to learn as it is the guide for the beginners.

I don’t have any idea about the topics. I didn’t work with the Thematic WordPress theme framework.

I want to know more.

Zen is kind of a starting point, you edit the theme file directly, so it’s not exactly a framework. It doesn’t have utility functions to speed up your theme development, it’s just a set of sensible defaults to start with.

I find theming Drupal to be generally more painstaking than theming WordPress, as it’s harder to figure out where a given piece of HTML is coming from.