Wordpress mobile menu not in same order as website menu


I have been working with glitchy wp theme. Its called Autoland.
Firstly the mobile menu wasn’t working so the css and was changed to fix the bug.
Now it seems the mobile menu is working but the mobile menu has doubled up with
Home links and the rest of the menu is out of order.
It is currently Home / Commercial signs / contact / display signs /faq / Home / projects /vehicle signs
It should be Home / Vehicle signs / commercial signs / display signs / faq / contact
There is also another menu in the footer that displays and that is in a different order also.
Mobile footer menu is currently Commercial signs / Contact / Display signs / Faq / Home / projects / vehicle signs

I have contacted theme developers SM themes and they cannot rectify it.

I just want it to be in the same order as what’s in the main navigation.
You can see the site here: kinectwebdesign.com.au/frost-signs
Any help appreciated, this has driven me crazy for a week.

I seldom use Wordpress. Just want to mention that the .com.au url doesn’t resolv, but this .com url works:

Menus in WP can be tricky I think. Should the footer menu be activated for mobiles? Have you checked that all settings in the panels are correct in both cases, e.g. the static or dynamic landing/home page?

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My apologies, it is supposed to be kinectwebdesign.com/frost-signs thanks for that.
I looked in setting and all looks ok there.

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Can you try to narrow the sources for the error?
E.g. disable the autoland-child style.css where your adjustments to the theme are. I assume the original theme doesn’t have your problem, or has it?

Checked their Autoland theme demo and that has similar problems it seems. So fixing your adapted version means fixing the original first.

If I’m correct, am I?

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Hi Erik,
The theme developers contacted me with a new frontend.js file
Seems that they left a line of code out of it !
With the new js file the header mobile menu is now working although the footer mobile menu is still out of correct order.
I disabled the child css and there is no difference to the footer menu order.

I created another test website using the parent theme only http://kinectwebdesign.com/test/(http://kinectwebdesign.com/test/)and it seems the problem is not happening there.
So maybe it is child related???

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I just disabled the child footer, header , functions and css and no difference to the menu order.

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Actually the parent theme does have the same problem.
I originally named the pages Test 1, Test 2, Test 3, Test 4 and they were arranged in that order in the mobile footer.
Then I noticed in my website that the footer has kinda listed the menu names in alphabetical order.
So I changed the parent theme menu names to Test 1, Test 2, Test 3, Banana, Sample page and then it gets re-arranged
to Banana, Sample page, Test 1, Test 2, Test 3.
So it seems that too is getting re-arranged into alphabetical order.

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Erik, The mystery is solved!!!

So in Word press in the dashboard if you go to Appearance / Menus .
When you create a custom menu you have two options. I set the menu as Main Menu (which I did ) and the other option is to make it an Extra Menu also (which I did not check).
When I checked both boxes the footer menu fixed itself up.
However when the Extra Menu box is not checked the extra menu defaults to alphabetical.

Thanks Erik for your interest and willingness to help.


It’s a long time since I made anything WP, I couldn’t even remember what to call the different “panels” where those settings are put. The sorting of menu items was new to me.

Happy you solved it!

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