Mobile Menu on Responsive WordPress Theme Suddenly Stopped Working

I have a site that uses a responsive WordPress theme. The other day, we noticed the iPhone menu doesn’t allow you to scroll to any of the other pages, as if they don’t exist:

We’ve checked it on more than one iPhone (we haven’t checked it on Android). The menu works fine on a desktop, and the menu structure is completely intact in WordPress.

On the first of May, the hosting company upgraded to the current version of PHP, saying that if we “[COLOR=#000000][FONT=HelveticaNeue]happen to notice issues” we can revert to the previous version of PHP. I can’t see how PHP could affect a responsive website, but it’s the only variable in the equation.

iPhone issue? PHP issue? Wordpress theme issue? I’m stumped. Any ideas?


It’s possible that the theme uses device detection and PHP to output different menus, and isn’t compatible with the server PHP version - hence why it still works on “desktop” and not your iPhone.

I suggest reverting to the previous version of PHP on your hosting account to see if that fixes it. If it does you will need to update your theme at some point because older versions of PHP don’t stay around forever.

That makes sense. Thanks.