WordPress Languages

Hi all . I’m creating WordPress websites last 3 years , but I didn’t use languages plugin for websites . I want to know what language plugin is the best ?
I know that QTranslate and GTranslate are good plugins , but I want to know your offer …

I’ve used qtranslate twice. With success. Recommend it.

snecz thanks for offer . I will try it .

snecz I install the plugin everything is ok , but I can’t translate the text in bottom of my website(or texts out of my posts and pages) .

Hi everyone . I’m so happy .
I solved my problem . I want to share with my problem solution , maybe it help some other people .

Put this code if you need to display footer(or some other files, that out of your post or page) text or pictures in other languages .

[B]<?php if(get_locale() == ‘ru_RU’) { ?>

<a href=“http://noahstravel.com/RU/privacy-policy-of-noahstravel-com/”>Privacy</a>

<?php } else { ?>

<a href=" http://noahstravel.com/privacy-policy-of-noahstravel-com/"> Privacy</a>

<?php } ?> [/B]

I’m long time not use plugin for translate language