WordPress Hamburger menu not working

I asked a friend when he was going to get his site fixed and he reckoned he was far too busy… I now have the job of trying to fix the site :frowning:

First problem is the hamburger menu then maybe the scrolling hero(?) Images. I don’t know if they are installed or if the three images below the top image should go to separate pages.

I am new to Wordoress and don’t know where to start looking :frowning:

Has anyone any suggestions?


Did you check to see what plugin is being used for the slideshow - it looks like it is Revolution Slider? There should be an item in the dashboard for this gallery and its settings will probably be where you would go to add images. If not, then the theme will have something to customize the slider (I’m not familiar with this premium theme Hayes.

That depends… if it’s part of a 3rd party theme or plugin, it’s probably an error in the configuration or a bug in the theme/plugin itself. If it’s part of a custom (or child) theme, the code would be somewhere inside wp-content/themes/name-of-theme. Now there’s a no-js class on the html element, which suggests the desired script isn’t even getting loaded…

As for the slider, that’s definitively a plugin (you can find it in wp-content/plugins/revslider), so I think it’s just not getting initialised properly. You’re generally not supposed to modify plugin code, as it would be getting overwritten with the next update.

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